The 3 Tips to Make Your Holidays Bright with Curtis Stone

Make Sure to Plan Ahead When You Have Guests Coming Over

If you know that you’re going to run out of oven space, plan to make some of your sides on the stovetop instead. Whip up some mashed potatoes or brussel sprouts while your turkey is in the oven. Remember that you will have some extra time while your turkey is cooling to warm up some bread, prep dessert and any other last minute tasks!

Have Some Dishes That Your Guests Can Snack on While You Cook the Main Course

With the right tools, you can chop up veggies as an appetizer in no time, slice the perfect potatoes for dinner and cut up the fruit for a holiday sangria. Be sure that you have the perfect roaster for your turkey to fit in!

Roast the Perfect Turkey for Your Holiday Feast

Above all else, make sure that you get the turkey just right! Stuff the cavity with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs – this smell will cook through the turkey for a delicious taste. Be careful not to overcook by using a handy meat thermometer. Say goodbye to dry, overcooked turkey on Thanksgiving! With the help of this tool, you’ll have a juicy main dish on the table every time.

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