Style and Function: Give Your a Closet Makeover

Every season there are new trends in fashion to add to our wardrobes. Sometimes, to make room for the new, we need to get rid of the old. With this season of re-organizing upon us, here are some of the best ways to complete a closet cleanse in a few simple steps. And afterwards, you can reward yourself with a cup of coffee and your favorite sweet treat!

Be prepared… mentally and physically. Go into a closet purge ready and excited to end up with a simplified, cleaned out space. This also means going into it ready to say goodbye to many items that you haven’t worn or don’t fit quite right. In order to prepare physically, gather the items you know you’ll need ahead of time. Boxes to use for your donation and toss piles, laundry baskets for the items you need to stain treat or wash, any new hangers or closet organization systems, helpful tools and bins so that you’ll be able to organize as you put things back away.

Take everything out of your closet. I know this may sound a little daunting but in order for you to get a good look at what clothes you have and to really start with a clean space, this is a necessary step in my book. Once your closet is empty, do whatever you need to do to deep clean it; vacuum the floors, wipe down shelves, dust the corners; get everything nice and tidy before you start putting any items back in.

Now that all of your shoes and clothes are sprawled out on your bed, it’s time to sort through and downsize. This is where my “Keep, Toss and Donate” bins come into play. It’s time to go through each item and try to remember the last time it was worn, if it has been longer than six months to a year and it isn’t a staple investment piece, that item goes in the toss or donate pile depending on the state it is in. If you find items you love that need to be stain treated, do it right away and toss in the laundry bin. The same goes for investment pieces that need to be tailored, don’t let them back into your closet until they are ready to be worn.

Once we’ve got all of our piles sorted, it is time to organize all the pieces that we are keeping. I love to invest in shoe and clothing bins that have little windows on the front, that way I can see the items inside and still utilize and simplify the small space by stacking them on top of each other. Another closet fave is utilizing layered hangers, it’s a small item that makes a big impact. Being able to hang 5 shirts together where they are stacked vertically is pretty cool! The way they are stacked keeps the shirts from being too bulky and they only take up the same amount of space one shirt would.

As you’re putting your cleaned, tailored and favorite pieces back into your closet, create a wardrobe system. This step always comes down to personal preference. I know people that organize their pieces by color, others that organize by style, and others that organize based upon event. Whichever system suits your fancy is up to you, the important part of this step is the organizing. Pick one that makes the most sense to you and that you will actually keep up with. In my opinion a clean and organized closet makes your day start better and can be a major time saver; because with your new wardrobe system in place, you now know where your favorite black blouse is at all times.

Don’t forget to style your new cleaned out space! Adding in a touch of greenery, a scented candle or a stack of magazines and a tray for displaying jewelry can not only be another way to store items, but it elevates your space. When you’re able to get ready for the day in a space that makes you feel good overall, you just feel better about the day! So get ready to “shop” your closet and face the day, in style.

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