Score Extra Points With This Gameday Setup

Now that fall is on our heels and we’re heading full force into football season, it’s time to dust off those party-throwing jerseys and get our hostess game faces on! While a little bit of preparation is key, it really is easier than you might think to throw a fete that will rival any game on the big screen, or at least serve as the perfect backdrop to an intense day of couch-side cheering.

One of my favorite ways to serve a big crowd, both in the amount of food needed as well as with a variety that pleases all palates, is a DIY Potato Bar! As the weather outside begins cooling, we naturally crave comfort foods and what’s more comforting that a base of potatoes, with a plethora of toppings. With a DIY Potato Bar, the topping options are pretty much endless, but there’s no denying the satisfaction of piling that potato high with chili, BBQ pulled pork, cheesy broccoli and more!

So get ready with these few simple tips and wow your guests this football season as they stuff their own “pig skin” style dish! And to make it even easier; invite your guests to bring their own favorite topping to add to the mix!

First off, grab a bag or two of potatoes to have washed, oiled and prepped. You want to bake them so their still hot when your guests begin to arrive! Then plan out your toppings. I like to offer both hot and cold options, so a warmer is great for keeping things hot all through the game, like chili, BBQ pulled pork and again, we like cheesy broccoli as well. Next just set out dishes of other popular potato toppers, like cheese, sour cream, bacon, chives, Fritos, BBQ sauce, and more! If you want to add in even more variety, bake up a few sweet potatoes as well and set out butter, cinnamon, sugar and marshmallows too! I promise you, it’s ALWAYS been a touchdown for our football fan friends.

To keep the energy up through the whole party, there are a few other ways to prepare for your guests!

Don’t forget about the drinks. We’ve been loving our Soda Stream and Ice Machine, because it keeps the cold drinks flowing all day long. Another usually overlooked part of a football party? Letting your guests get in on the game no matter where they are by bringing the sound into the kitchen! A great speaker (connected via bluetooth) will help your guests feel like they don’t have to miss a moment, including the highly anticipated game day commercials, because they can tune in while they’re going in for seconds.

Lastly, just have fun with it! Have your own games and prizes, or set out some black face paint for guests to make their own eye black strip and really get their game face on!

So tell me, how do you celebrate and get into your favorite sport? I’d love to hear your game day tips!!

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