Prepping Your Home for the Holidays is Easy With These Tools

It is easy to get excited about an upcoming dinner or holiday gathering and forget some of the simple things that may sneak up on you. No one wants to pull out their silverware for a dinner party and realize it needs a good cleaning or go to put cookies in the oven and realize the parchment paper is gone. While it can seem like the holidays bring a revolving door of guests, it makes sense to prepare and prep your home for exciting and inevitable busy holiday season.

We put together a few tips for making the most of the gatherings you host, and some simple steps so that you’re prepared before the big day rolls around.

1. Locate and clean your cutlery and silverware. If you know you need your turkey carving set, be sure to find it and have it cleaned and sharpened well before your event. The best time to shine the silver is before the day that you actually need it, and it always feel great to be prepared.
2. While I’m a huge proponent for a delicious punch on the day of a party, it’s also nice to be ready for some other drinks. Add a portable wine rack to your counter space to provide easy access to your drinks when needed, and you can see what you have ahead of time, keeping it stocked and at the ready throughout this holiday season.

3. Begin with the end in mind. Think about clean up and sending home leftovers. Be prepared with what you need ahead of time in order to pack up all the food that’s left at the close of a dinner party or impromptu cookie bake off. These Wrapmasters are a time saver when the party winds down, especially with the built in cutter. Stock them with plastic wrap, foil and parchment paper so you’ll be ready for just about anything.

4. Get ready for the cleanup, both before your event and afterwards. A multipurpose spray and a package of sponges will make any cleaning job easier, and can tackle multiple surfaces, saving you both time and money. But what good is wiping down the counter if your sponge has had mold and bacteria growing? These green sponges are great for dishes, counters and more and they inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about spreading it everywhere or that pungent smell from generic sponges after a few uses.

5. Farm out the tasks that you can! Using gadgets like the Roomba can vacuum up for you while you prep somewhere else! You can program it to vacuum every day, so that you come home to a clean house. You can let it run while you’re cooking in the kitchen; the ultimate form of party prep multitasking. And we even turn ours back on at the close of a party so that once we’re done cleaning up the dishes, our floors are already swept as well! Technology is your friend. Use it when you can.

What about you? Do you have some home prep tips to get ready for all of those holiday gatherings? We’d love to hear!

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