This Party Setup Will Rival the Fireworks

It’s that time of year again! Summer time, nostalgia of BBQs and pool parties, the scents of fresh cut grass and s’mores… and right in the middle of it, The Fourth of July! We love to celebrate our country and enjoy the freedom it offers. There’s nothing like a patriotic BBQ and if you’re making plans, then we’ve got some ideas up our sleeve that will rival the fireworks we all love to watch on this special day. So, read on for a few ways to wow your guests and bring some special of your own to your next party!

Create an Americana Hot Dog Bar! We love food and hot dogs on the grill are a quintessential summer choice! Celebrate some of your favorite American cities with a nod to their dog by setting up a DIY toppings bar for your guests. Chicago, New York, Memphis, Detroit and many more cities all have great flavors to offer!

Set up a rustic tablescape to house the rest of your food, keeping it easy for guests to grab. Line baskets with wax paper to hold sliced up watermelon, potato chips and more. It will allow for easy clean up for you and easy access for your guests! Another tip? If you can’t find a tablecloth that matches your decor, opt for a top sheet! A red gingham print is a perfect choice for your July 4th gathering.

Don’t skimp on refreshments! Having plenty of options to cool and refresh your guests on a hot day is a must. A fun treat for your pint sized guests, and adults as well, is a mini popsicle! Drop a few berries topped with coconut water into your popsicle mold and freeze ahead of time. It’s a great pick-me-up filled with nutrients too! A signature drink is another way to impress your guests and keep everyone hydrated. When creating mine, I opted for red, white and blue colors of gatorade to keep electrolytes up as well as the colors on fleek. To make your own, choose a glass that will show off your creation and fill 1/3 of the way full with your blue drink. Place glasses in the freezer to create a slight icy layer on top of the drink (about 30 minutes). Next use your white layer of drink. Here I’ve heard pina colada works wonderfully, because the density allows it to stay on top of the blue drink! I used white gatorade and it started mixing with the blue a little too quickly for my liking. Once the white layer is in your glass, freeze again to harden just a bit. Once set, add ice to your glass and slowly top with your red drink. You should see some layers here! Top with a star shaped ice cube (filled with more red fruit makes a sweet addition) and serve! The flavor, colors and refreshment are all a very welcome treat for guests!

The DIY element brings in a unique touch and an element of fun to the party. Creating mini piñatas is such a whimsical way to enhance the decor while also introducing a game or a gift! Fill the piñatas with festive items like bubbles, candy, and small toys and then customize the colors to your decor! It’s really simple when starting with a pre-made shape!

Use tissue paper in the colors you want (like red, white and blue for July 4th!), and cut into 1 inch strips, then cut fringe along the edge. Place a strip of double sided tape along the piñata form or along the top of your tissue paper strip and attach to the piñata. Keep layering until each side is covered. Trim your tissue paper strips to fit the shape of the piñata. These are great to use as decoration around your party, and then let guests grab their gifts when it’s time!

When it’s all said and done, any celebration is that much better with a few special touches! You and your guests can head out for fireworks or stick around and let the conversation keep flowing… and I hope these tips help you throw a fun, festive Fourth of July party!

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