New Home, Order is Everything!

When it comes to starting the new year off right, for me the first step is getting my life in order. This applies to my personal life, my health, my family and of course my home. Some of the easiest ways to bring order to the chaos of our closets is to utilize the amazing organization tools that have been created to simplify and speed up the process.

Some of my favorites are:

1. JOY Under the Bed Storage Boxes – These are amazing for storing away items you want to keep, but might not be ones that you use on a regular basis. For example my family will store our winter items in these boxes, being that we live in Florida we don’t use these clothes items as often. A perk of these Boxes is that they have clear tops which is helpful in the future when you are looking for a specific item.
2. JOY Huggable Hangers – Hangers may seem like a silly item to mention but in my opinion it is definitely worth investing in this specific style of hanger, unlike the plastic or wire hangers these hold onto your clothes and keep them from slipping off and onto your floor while also being able to slim-line hanging space which allows for you to see whats in your closet and for more space as well. A good hanger also extends the life of your clothing by helping to hold it’s shape as well.

3. JOY Covered Storage Boxes – You will find these storage boxes all over my house, I use them in my kids rooms to organize not only their clothes but their toys, I use them in my storage closets and pantries to organize cleaning supplies and cooking utensils and of course I use them in my personal closets to hold items like all of my extra skincare products.

4. JOY Hanging Organizer – This little diddy is amazing, I personally use it to store all of my watches, necklaces, jewelry and even our extra iPhone cords, chargers and headphones. Some of the reasons I love utilizing this piece is because it is vertical it takes up very little space, which is ideal in a home of 6 people. It also has clear slots, this feature allows me to see all of the items easily and finding items that bring ease into my life is something this mommy is always happy to take advantage of.

I hope that you are all having a great start to the new year and if you are seeking to bring order to your life that you are able to do so.

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