Invite Your Friends for This Fun At-Home Red Carpet Watch Party


The red carpet is being rolled out… and that means it’s time for a party! A Red Carpet Watch Party that is. With all the glamorous preparations, gorgeous camera-ready dresses and celebrity sightings, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the festivities. While I’m all for a night out, I can’t help but get just as excited about a night in. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have our own festive preparations as well. It only takes a little bit of time and some easy DIYs to get your own space ready for your at-home soiree.


So prepare to roll out the red carpet for your own guests with these simple and easy Red Carpet Watch Party projects that only feel like a million bucks!

The Party Invitation




Wow your guests with a hand delivered invitation, award style. There is a reason presenters still ask for the coveted envelope to make their celebratory announcements. Take a cue from the best and create your own eye catching design. With gold and silver, your invitation might feel like an award in itself. Create a simple invite to print or hand-write, and whether you invite your guests to glam it up pajama style or dress to impress… it will be hard for anyone to say resist.

The At-Home Photo Booth




Since the Red Carpet is all about looking your best in camera-ready styles, create your own photo backdrop to commemorate the night! It really doesn’t take much to create a big impact – like a small bouquet of flowers, cut, and attached to the wall with washi tape. It’s simple, inexpensive and doesn’t take much time, but the impact is undeniable. Add a table with a selection of bold lipsticks, raid your kids dress up bin for tiaras and boas, pull out some fun jewelry to glam up any outfit and let your red carpet party looks speak for themselves.


It’s easy to let your guests leave with a custom memento of the night with their own photo booth print! Once you hook your phone up to this printer, you’ll be surprised at what happens in front of the camera. Say cheese!

The Dessert Bar




No party is complete without something sweet. And a Red Carpet Watch Party deserves its own signature dessert, like red velvet cupcakes! Use a cupcake maker to whip up a batch in a flash, and black cupcake liners to keep it sleek. In fact, make a couple batches and add a little coffee to the batter to ramp up the indulgence factor… and to help keep everyone awake through the night! No need to decorate them yourself either, that’s part of the party fun.


Use shimmering gold dishes, trays and tiered stands to create a DIY cupcake station, complete with frosting and toppings so guests can customize their own. Let your party guests leave thrilled with to-go boxes filled with their extra cupcakes to take home as well.


All that’s left now is the Red Carpet, and well, I think your glam and cupcake-d friends will be ready to watch along with you. Enjoy your party!




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