How To Be A Rockstar Holiday Hostess


The holidays are in and in full swing which means it’s time to pull out your very best in hosting. I’ve compiled a list of eight tips on how to be at rockstar holiday hostess:


I can’t stress this one enough. You know how they say weddings are all about the music and the food? Well the same goes for hosting your own party. Nothing sets the mood like a good holiday station. My go-to is just plain old “Holiday” on any digital radio, i.e. iHeart, Pandora, Spotify and hooked up to bluetooth speakers. Hint: definitely upgrade so no commercials get mixed up!


It all depends what type of party you’re having but make sure your guests are well fed and try to have everything finished and warmed before your guests arrive, with room temperature snacks like nuts, cheese & crackers, etc… out and ready for the snacking.



I think it’s fun to have a little station by your front door with prosecco or sparkling water poured and ready-to-serve. You can either have rows of your champagne flutes or if you’re going the disposable route, the little drink cups work just fine! You can set up a bar cart, or clean off your entry table and use that for a makeshift serving station.


Enlist help!

Either call up your sister, mom or bestie, and have them come over an hour or so before the party starts to help you get all the last minute preparations together before guests arrive.


Dim the overhead lights and light all the candles, no one wants bright lights blaring on them at night and the candles make for such an intimate setting.


It’s chilly out there so everyone of your guests will certainly have a coat with them. I like to set up a coat rack near the door, or if you have a front closet, make sure you leave lots of space and free hangers to keep your guests’ coats accessible for when it’s time to leave.


Save the clean-up for later

As tempting as that stack of dishes is to clean up and get into the dishwasher, when you get started in the sink, you may as well be asking your guests to leave. It sends a message that you’re done for the night and your guests may not be – save it for a late night dishes and dancing party with your helpers.

Have fun!

You are the host and you’re setting the tone for the night, so put your happiest smile on, initiate conversations with guests, and make sure to introduce your guests to one another. Also, enlist the gals you assigned as your helpers to look out for the crowd and make sure everyone is included and enjoying themselves.



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