Cut Clutter in Your Kid’s Closets With These Tips

While spring is typically hailed as the time for all things clean and organized, I think the transition from summer to fall gives me the same urge to purge. There is nothing like going into a new season feeling ready! The change from summer weather to the fall/winter season is a big one and it also effects our clothes and closets in a big way!

So while we’re ready to tackle some major closet tasks and get our wardrobes organized for the upcoming season, I thought it was time to give the kids their best foot forward, if you will, with an organized closet and this past weekend we dove head first into the chaos that was my boys’ closet. Kids need structure and organization in their lives too, if not more so than we do. With a cleaned out closet and a system to help them keep it this way, my boys are excited to have a place for everything and so far have been excited to put each item away just where it should be!

To start off, we pulled everything out of the closet. This gave us a chance to assess each item and piece of clothing to determine 1) if it was clean and fit and needed a place in the closet, 2) if it was clean and didn’t fit and needed to be donated or 3) if it was dirty and in need of a wash. With this system in place, it didn’t take long for us to go through and purge what was no longer needed and then we could see just what needed to be put back away.

Armed with a few organizational supplies, we were ready to put the closet back together in a way that made sense! Hangers that save on space while also keeping hanging clothing in place was a big help in our shared-boys-room closet. Next, we opted for a few bins to store extra clothing items up high. Adding bins and baskets to a kids closet helps control clutter from building up. I liked the idea of a solid color so that it brought a continuity to the space (since the bins match the hangers!), while the labels on the front will help to know exactly what’s in the bins without having to bring them off the shelf. Labeling helps keep the abundance of clothing, toys and accessories your child accumulates at bay… and reminds everyone that each item has a place.

And finally the key to having a kid’s closet that they can help keep clean? A bench to help them reach!! We even had them test to make sure they can fold and put their own clothing away once washed, and with a stepstool or bench, they both can.

So tell me, do you get the urge to purge and set yourself up for a successful and more productive season ahead? I’d love to hear your closet organization tips as well!! 

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