Closet Goals! Make It All Fit Together With These Key Products

Nothing sets me up for a more productive day that organization in the morning. And by that I mean waking up to an organized space and a closet that helps me get ready to face the day. As summer rolls into the cooler months of fall, it’s the perfect time to take your closet into the new season as well, with everything purged, organized and in the right place!

As each new season starts a new page on my calendar, I like to start off my closet in much the same way. The best way to create and find a place for everything is to pull it all out of the closet and start fresh! Empty the racks and shelves, sort through the drawers and this is where the good ole’ advice of having a box each for cleaning, donating and trash comes in so handy! As you pull from the closet, sort, sort and sort some more. Go with your gut or first instinct and get through it quickly. Once you’ve got a bed filled with the items you want to keep, you’ll know better how to organize it as you put it back into the closet.

I like to sort by category first, tops with tops, dresses all together, etc; and then from there sort by color. A good hanger system that keeps clothing in place and in good form, doesn’t take up much space itself and with a good color scheme elevates the overall look of your closet! Don’t forget the organization systems for jewelry and accessories, a place to store your shoes (so you can see what you have while also keeping them in the best shape!) and bins to store away the clothing items for different seasons that you want to keep.

All of this makes it easier for you to see what you have in the morning and get dressed with much more ease, creating a more productive day overall!

So tell me, what are your biggest closet hurdles? And what is your favorite closet organization tip! I’d love to hear!! Just leave a comment below… and happy purging!

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