A Simple Fall Tablescape Your Guests Will Adore


Fall entertaining should be done simply and stylishly. Aside from hosting seasonal events I keep my fall tablescape up the entire season. My guests get to enjoy it and so do we – all season long! Ever want to create a look but stress over what might be involved or the tiny details? Creating a fall tablescape with pops of color can be easily done without stress. Turquoise is such a fun color to work with and it complements the traditional fall colors perfectly. Here are a few tips for simple fall tablescape decorating to give you a kick start this season.


Set the table but keep it informal

There’s a time and a place for a formal table setting. Formal settings are not required for every party or for general table displaying. I don’t always place silverware out, sometimes I opt for a silverware/napkin container combo. Don’t feel pressured to follow a specific guideline. Set the table as you see fit and how it accommodates your friends and family best.


Have a focal point

Create a DIY centerpiece that tells a story – make this gorgeous pumpkin piece by following the steps shown here! To create more of a buzz around your DIY project add seasonal decor you already have on hand. Garland and sprays are my go to items. They can be cut, molded and wrapped around objects with ease making them a tool to keep in the fall decorations bin. Consider symmetry a bit as well. Have 1, 3 or 6 similar items in play. Ex: 6 pumpkins displayed in different sizes and shapes.


Opt for cloth napkins

Cloth napkins help to complete a table setting. Cloth napkins generally come in patterns and styles much different than that of paper napkins. Set the napkin on the plates or under bowls to help complete a table setting for your guests. In additional consider adding an extra touch such as place marker or tiny piece of decor to the cloth napkins.


Keep a clean and crisp background

I use a white tablecloth or showcase our dining table as is. Using patterned linens is fun, but it can be distracting to the eye especially when the goal is to make a specific color pop such as the turquoise we are giving focus to. White and natural backgrounds not only gives the clean and crisp look we want it also puts attention on the seasonal colors in play.

Have a dish on the table

This might not work for all parties but having an appetizer on display for guests to enjoy is a great way to kick off the gathering while showing off your newly decorated table. If you’re hosting a dessert and coffee pairing have the dessert on display. The guests will enjoy the decorated table and get a view of the deliciousness to come!


Add Turquoise

If you’re looking for a fun way to add turquoise, plates and bowls are just the ticket. These plates and bowls are ideal for fall entertaining and table decorating. I love how they pair with brown, yellow and orange fall decorations. My favorite part of this tablescape is that it can be set up to welcome fall and set up again for Thanksgiving.

Happy seasonal entertaining!



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