7 Steps to Your Ultimate Dream Bed

Have you ever slid into a hotel bed and just wanted to stay there forever? Or on the flip side, maybe you’ve travelled and found yourself longing for home because your home away from home just wasn’t that comfortable? I’ve been in both situations and I can say from experience, there’s nothing like a bed that wraps you in it’s cozy arms and begs you to stay!

Ever since sliding into the covers of a heavenly bed while away, I’ve been on the hunt for that perfect combination of items to create my own dream bed, and you guys, I’ve found it!

Read on for seven steps to create your very own dream bed!

1. Ultra Comfortable Mattress

First, make sure you’ve got the right kind of support and choose an ultra comfortable mattress. These investment pieces are getting easier to come-by and at a lower price tag for truly long-lasting support.

2. Luxurious Mattress Pad

Next, take your nighttime sleep from hot to being wrapped in a cool feeling night after night. Believe me, you won’t want to go back to regular sleep again.

3. Extra Lightweight Pillows

Let your pillows create an exceptional hug that will lull you to sleep. With just the right amount of fill, the right pillow cradles your head and neck in comfort.

4. Airy & Breathable Sheet Set

Your sheets are what touch your skin, and for that you need not look any further than touchably soft microfiber for extra comfort and style. Just one try and you’ll be want to snooze your alarm, over and over.

5. White Goose Down Comforter

Add in a comforter that works in all seasons and gives warmth without weight.

6. Soft & Lightweight Duvet Cover

Once you’ve found the perfect comforter, a soft and cozy duvet cover offers year-round comfort, and you can even switch out based on moods, colors and seasons!

7. Super Soft Blanket

Keep this extra essential layer handy for chilly nights or extra cuddles. Plus, it makes a great style statement too!

So tell, me, what would your ultimate bed essential be? I’d love to hear!

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