The 6 Game-Changing Kitchen Cleaning Tips to Know Now

We all know that cleaning is a reality of life… and it begins since we’re old enough to pick up a rag. Spring cleaning is a not so subtle perk. It’s one of those things we love when we’ve finished up, there’s nothing like the feeling of coming home to a clean house, but it’s not something we necessarily look forward to. Kind of like going to the gym. Today we’re sharing just a few game-changing tips for tackling the kitchen when the spring cleaning bug hits!

1. Clear the schedule.

Don’t pick a day where there will be a lot of other things to do, instead “schedule” spring cleaning on a wide open day, maybe a weekend day if possible.

2. Gather supplies.

Make sure you’ve got your cleaning supplies ready to go, you don’t want to break up the rhythm by running to the store for glass cleaner when you realize it’s gone! While you’re at it, light a scented candle and turn on some tunes that get you ready to clean.

3. Trash it.

Before you even start the oven cleaner, get out garbage bags and begin to toss (and donate) items from your space… this saves time as you’re not constantly moving things around that you’ll inevitably get rid of by the end anyway. A few things that usually need to be tossed that you can start with? Old rags, sponges and towels (these should be replaced regularly anyway, the good thing is that many towels can be donated to animal shelters!), outdated spices, old medicines and vitamins, old or unused batteries, broken crayons, old calendars or planners, outdated coupons, puzzles or games with missing pieces, half used cleaning supplies (consolidate!), expired foods (canned and frozen too) and mismatched tupperware. Keep going from this list.

4. Hit the areas you don’t often see.

Now comes the deeper clean that spring cleaning is known for, getting those areas that don’t see soap very often. Clean that kitchen rug (which is easy with the proper tools!) and sweep behind appliances!

5. Clean as you go.

Wipe down surfaces as you move through your space, this way you can begin to put items away in an organized manner as you go, and use the tools that will help. Finding solutions to help goes a long way in saving on space and finding a place for everything! Proper under sink storage is a great way to store more in less space, and with shelving that can pull out, you’re not stuck making a mess every time you have to reach something in the back. Utilizing the proper items to store food as you restock your fridge will allow for a cleaner home and less waste thrown out as well.

6. Reward yourself.

At the end of a long day of spring cleaning, sit back with your favorite treat or enjoy some relaxing time in the sunshine!

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