5 Ways To Keep Your Home Organized This Year

As part of my 2017 goals, organization in the home is at the top of my list. With two tornados, I mean toddlers, running wild everyday, it’s easy to lose track and get consumed in the constant picking up. Staying organized is crucial to a sane mind and I’ve made a few changes I’d like to share if you’re in a similar boat.


1. Set a “cleaning” schedule.

We got rid of our cleaning help a couple of months ago to try and save a couple bucks, and what has really worked for me is setting a schedule of what needs to be cleaned and when. I can’t dedicate six hours on one particular day to fully clean, so I break it up. Every Monday is bathrooms, Tuesday is vacuuming, Wednesday is dusting, etc… These chores take about an hour of my day and if I miss one, I don’t beat myself up. It’s just nice to know that things are getting done when you can check them off your list. Items of note: this Hoover Air vacuum. I can’t tell you how many vacuums I have gone through as a homeowner. I’m very picky, the suction better be top notch and this vacuum has it all. Is it weird to be in love with a vacuum?

2. Stay on top of laundry.

This is a tricky one because it’s a never ending cycle, but I’ve designated two nights out of the week to catch up on our laundry while my husband and I watch shows on the couch. It’s kind of okay because I don’t have any disruption, and I can just fold away while spending time with Brian.

3. Closets.

I have two growing kids, and I’m a fashion blogger. My kids are constantly growing out of clothes so I started putting storage bins on the floor of their closets so as soon as something doesn’t fit, I can fold it and put it away for storage. It’s a nice practice to get into so you know exactly what they have to wear at any time instead of trying to figure out what is too small and what is too big.

For my closet, I wanted matching hangers and these huggable hangers from the Joy collection are SO nice. I bought them for myself, and in a smaller size for the kids.

4. Jewelry Organization.

Can you believe I didn’t own a jewelry box? I had a drawer with makeshift organizers and it wasn’t working out so well. I’m so happy with my new jewelry box that sits on my vanity, it’s pretty and I love how everything has it’s own place.

5. Meal Planning.

This is something I have never attempted but have been sticking to in 2017 and it is SO nice. I literally went to the grocery store four times per week in 2016 and now I go once. I plan out exactly what I need for my trip and know exactly what I’m going to make in the morning, it’s a lifesaver.

So far, these are some of the simple organizational changes I’ve made in 2017 and I’m so happy with them.

Have any tips to share? Please comment below, I’d love to hear!

xo, Liz



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