4 Tips From Joy Mangano To Help You Master Closet Organization

Organizing your closet may seem like a daunting task but thanks to Joy Mangano, tidying up has never been more fun. With her collection of functional and chic huggable hangers you can maximize space and organize your wardrobe with these four easy tips.

Huggable Hangers

Not all hangers are created equal. Joy’s huggable hangers are just what your wardrobe needs for effortless, reliable and stylish organization. The velvety surface of these hangers helps secure your clothes in place while preserving their shape and eliminating those pesky shoulder bumps that wire or plastic hangers can cause. Available in 21 stylish colors, you never have to worry about your favorite pieces falling to the floor again because these huggable hangers will hold anything from your heavy coats to camisoles and gowns.

Clip Art

When it comes to your slacks and skirts, use these removable clips to give your huggable hangers a whole new purpose. Easily hang your suits and co-ords on one hanger for maximum organization and space saving. Here’s a pro tip: Use these clips to hang your over-the-knee boots to help preserve their shape and clear more floor space in your closet.

Make Room For More

Making the most of your space is the ultimate goal with any closet. With these four-bar hangers you can do just that and layer your favorite items in one, functional place. From slacks, scarves, belts and jeans; this is one multi-purpose organizer every closet needs.

Mix And Match

With all of these huggable hanger tools from Joy, you can mix and match to create the closet paradise of your dreams. Add clips to your four-bar hangers for maximum space saving, hang your sweaters without having to worry about your hanger damaging their shape and organize with ease as you add even more fashion to your stylish and functional wardrobe.

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