Giuliana Rancic Talks 2019 Fashion With Her New Collection At HSN

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Giuliana Rancic Talks 2019 Fashion With Her New Collection At HSN
Ruffle Detail Sweatshirt

Giuliana Rancic Talks 2019 Fashion With Her New Collection At HSN
Sweatshirt with Embroidered Mesh Sleeves

Giuliana Rancic Talks 2019 Fashion With Her New Collection At HSN
Crew-Neck Sweater

Giuliana Rancic Talks 2019 Fashion With Her New Collection At HSN
Faux Leather Jacket

Giuliana Rancic Talks 2019 Fashion With Her New Collection At HSN
Peplum Sweater

Giuliana Rancic Talks 2019 Fashion With Her New Collection At HSN
Novelty Appliqué Sweater

Giuliana Rancic Talks 2019 Fashion With Her New Collection At HSN
Faux Leather Embroidered Moto

Giuliana Rancic Talks 2019 Fashion With Her New Collection At HSN
Colorblock Sport Jacket

When it comes to fashion, Giuliana Rancic never ceases to amaze us. Her latest collection is proof of her sharp eyes for affordable gems and setting trends. She’s a stylish, businesswoman we constantly look to for inspiration! But, as a TV Host, Fashion Designer, Public Speaker, Beauty Expert,  and Entrepreneur, where does Giuliana Rancic go for inspiration? Here’s everything she has to say about what inspired her latest collection and more on what you can expect to see trending this year.


H: What word would you use to describe your newest collection from G by Giuliana?

G: Fashionable.

H: Where do you go for a source of inspiration?

G: Two places:  Celebrity, fashion-related events like New York Fashion Week and the red carpet and street style! I love walking down the street and seeing a woman’s amazing style. It’s a great source of inspiration.

H: How is your collection connected to your personal style?

G: It’s very intertwined with my personal style. I design pieces that I myself need in my wardrobe and are super excited to wear both on TV and in my everyday life.

H: Why are you excited to introduce these new pieces to HSN?

G: The G by Giuliana relaunch is particularly rewarding because I have a new design team with an all-new exciting point of view! Our bestselling denim is better than ever with an even better fit, infused with a new function. Throughout the year we are going to be bringing the HSN customer more tech and fabrics, with better fits and even better performance capabilities. The new line has really evolved and is super fresh incorporating a broader range of fabrics! G by Giuliana is on trend but never trendy. It’s always timeless and the piece’s work season to season year after year.  I am introducing a more robust collection with a lot of custom prints that I hand select with my design and print teams. We have a strong point of view on prints and a focus on artistic and unique pieces. It’s super exciting!


H: Tell us about your top favorite pieces and why.

G: I’m loving the leather jacket with sleeve embellishment. It’s a tonal jacket that works great for layering and pairing with any bottom from leggings to pants to denim. It’s really beautiful in person! I can’t wait for everyone to try this jacket which is our first jacket of the season. It is a mixed media jacket with handcrafted, hand beaded details and patches. The colors are beautiful! Dusty purple, opal grey, and the navy are some of my personal favorite colors.  I also love the ruffled sleeve sweater for an elevated fashion look and the denim leggings are an absolute must, it goes with everything! They have great stretch and are super flattering. I also love the printed blouse. It’s a must-have. They are all fabulous and so chic!


H: Do you have any styling tips for the HSN woman when wearing your collection?


G: Expect to see nature incorporated into fashion pieces in a literal and abstract way! From botanicals to swans to camo prints. Botanical floral prints and palm leaves continue to have a big moment and we are seeing elements of nature all over spring (but in abstract ways).

H: What are your spring styling tips?

G: Mix and match and have some fun!  Fashion is supposed to be fun and comfortable! Express yourself by exploring with different prints and silhouettes. The sky is the limit!

H: What is your favorite fashion advice?

G: Go for it, girl! Have fun and explore with fashion.


H: When you are not working, what do you like to do for fun?

G:  Romantic dinners with my husband and long hikes with him during the day! Hanging out and spending time with my six-year-old son, Duke and my husband, Bill. We don’t take these precious moments together for granted. Ever!

  1. Guiliana, I love your moto jackets – the all faux leather and the one you did in faux leather/suede a couple years ago. I have accumulated ten of them over the years. I absolutely love the newest one with the decoration on the sleeves of the faux leather that looks like beading and comes in a light grey. I would probably get that one in more than one color, except for the ponte. I do not like ponte in my jackets and personally think it cheapens the look. It looks terrible I think so, consequently, I won’t be buying the one I love with the jewel-like decoration on the sleeves. Please consider doing a collection again without the ponte.
    Thanks. You are the only designer who used to send my leathers on hangers and they arrive with no wrinkles — as wrinkles can’t be ironed out if they arrive folded. Thank you.

  2. Guiliana,

    Adore your line! Bought your jeans in every color, coordinating tops, and
    the cute boyfriend cardigans. I’m a petite, so rolling everything up.. will you please add a petite line?

    Thank you!
    Christy K

  3. I love your dusters and I missed out on the camo print. PLEASE bring back more. Your dusters are the best ones out there ! Keep bringing more designs in these please. Thank you so much for listening to your customers. You are a blessing.

  4. Hi, I just got my snakeskin jumpsuit 😲🥰👍🏻💚 I put it on to model it for my man😲 I put on my sapphire Beezees also and let me tell you, my man said that looks great babe 🥰👍🏻😲 and with my weight gain from quitting smoking I hate buying anything new 😞 but I have to say Giulianna 😲😀 you really outdid yourself with this jumpsuit 🥰💚👍🏻❤️
    Thank you so much 😊

  5. I would like to know how to get the wrinkles out of your faux leather jackets. It is a problem. When watching on TV I never see any wrinkles in any of the faux leather goods. How is this achieved? Do you have a special kind of steamer? Need reply asap please.

  6. I just love your jeans and those beautiful velour pants. However, I can’t order any of them because you don’t carry petite. Please bring petite sizes in your future collections. It’s si hard for us little ladies to find quality clothes in our size.

    Thank you

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