Easy Way To Create DIY Counter Containers

We’ve all seen the jars lining the shelves of our favorite home stores and in our kitchen photos on Pinterest. You know the ones I’m talking about… where all of your kitchen necessities are nicely organized and jars are beautifully lined up and labeled.

The thing is? That can get expensive! I had a few jars saved in my online cart from one of my favorite home stores to purchase and just couldn’t click the buy button.

Thankfully, we’ve got a DIY version that I truly LOVE for less than half the price! With just a few trusty craft items and these jars from HSN, it’s a match made in kitchen countertop heaven.

To create your own organized jars for your kitchen counters our pantry, first gather your supplies.


Of course, you don’t have to spray paint the lids, but I had a couple of ideas floating in my head (first I had white canisters picked out, but also thought copper lids would look great!), and wanted to make it happen.

For my project, I started with really light coats of white spray paint on the top and sides of the lids, and let dry thoroughly. While the paint was drying, we got to making the text!

I just opened up Cricut Design Space and chose a font I liked to use for my canisters. You can choose a font that works with your aesthetic and design, as well as customize to the items that you use the most.

Once I had the font and words ready, I just used black vinyl cut with the Cricut Maker and stuck right to the front of each canister.

I think this would make a GREAT project for a complete pantry makeover for the new year as well!

With the kitchen staple added to each one and the lid on top, our simple DIY canister makeover was complete and I LOVE how it turned out… again, at a FRACTION of the cost!

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