Winter Decor and DIY Pom Pom Garland

While the holidays are behind us, we’ve all cleared away a plethora of Christmas decor, but how do you keep your home decorated for the rest of winter? Since you’ll be hunkering down for the cold, we’ve got some tips on warming up your home inside from January to Spring without it feeling too holiday-festive. Plus, we’re sharing a simple (but really cute) DIY!

Shed the red.

Yep, you read that right (ha, pun intended!). When clearing away Christmas decor, there are absolutely items you can leave for the rest of the winter, just remove any classic Christmas colors or items overly themed.

Opt for a more laid back, calm, neutral color theme instead to mirror the winter season, it’ll create a calm and cozy feel.

Bring in wood and other natural elements.

In contrast to the calm, neutral color palette, adding in more rustic elements, like wood, adds warmth.

Don’t forget to DIY.

I love a cheeky phrase on a letter board or vintage style sign and other DIY elements to bring a clean, modern look to the cozy scene we’re creating indoors. Our cork DIY boxes are a great addition to any space. And a cotton yarn Pom Pom garland is perfectly winter-y too!


Kitchen fork

Step 1

Wrap the yarn gently around the tines of the fork approximately 90 times. Cut the yarn from the ball.

Step 2

Thread a piece of yarn through the middle tine of the fork and tie a tight double knot, you’ll know it’s tight enough when the wrapped yarn is the shape of a bow.

Step 3

Slide the yarn from the fork and cut the looped yarn on either side.

Step 4 (optional)

Trim the pom pom giving it a more circular shape, or you can opt to leave it more organically shaped.

Step 5

Tie along a length of yarn or string and trim the excess.

What about you? What’s your favorite way to decorate for the winter season?! We’d love to hear! Share with us on social @HSN and @TabithaBlue so we can see how you’re styling your home!

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