Spice Up Your Wall With This Foil Embossed Cricut Step-by-Step


Canvas Link: https://design.cricut.com/#/design/113301075

Cut Your Materials

Step 1: Cut rosette pieces out of Foil Embossed Paper (2 12×12” same pattern)

  1. Set material to Deluxe Paper Foil Embossed
  2. Design space will prompt you to change from the Scoring Wheel to blade
  3. Clean mat with scraper

Step Two: Cut circles out of two complementing patterns

Assemble Your Craft

  1. Fold mountains and valleys using the score lines.
  2. Fold every piece the exact same way
  3. Glue pieces together
  4. When you get to the last piece, flip over to identify where they will attach together
  5. Lay it flat and bring to pieces together to glue (tip: it’ll look like a big cupcake liner).
  6. After the glue is dry, press the rosette flat
  7. While still holding it, grab a large circle and glue it on. Note—this is the back—so it does not need to be perfect
  8. Flip it over to glue on the front circles (The final diameter is about 11 inches. It’ll fluctuate depending on how tight you hold it while you glue. )
  9. You can add the second circle to the back if you’d like

Use it for party décor or home décor!

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