Ring In The New Year: The Easiest Decor and Photobooth Props!

Going through some craft items with my kids, we uncovered the motherload of glitter. And so, my gold dipping everything obsession began. What began with gold dipped glasses, became party props and I’ve realized you can glitter-fy everything. No really, I mean everything.

So as we’re prepping and preparing for all of the upcoming parties, want to know what else our gold glitter obsession hit? Balloons!

I am still in denial about the Christmas season ending, but I have to say, this DIY has me thinking of all the fun ways to celebrate the New Year! It also has me wanting to continue with the glitter and just have a GLITTER party! Oh, the possibilities.

To make the New Year’s Eve Photo Booth Props:

1. I used the Cricut Maker to cut out simple, fun shapes onto black card stock.

2. We chose a party hat, top hat, mustache and bow tie.

3. Using hot glue adhesive, we attached bamboo skewers to the props so they can easily be held for photos.

4. On the front side, I used iridescent paint to create accents on the black cardstock, and while paint was still wet, added glitter!

5. By using the iridescent paint, it gives the final product and silvery/gold appearance and fills in much more than just adding glitter to glue.

To make the New Year’s Even Glitter Dipped Balloons:

1. Fill balloons and tie off with string.

2. Using the iridescent paint, start at the base and paint brush strokes up the balloon about 1/3 of the way up.

3. While the paint is still wet, and holding the balloon upside down (with the paint side up) add the glitter!

4. I used a few different types of gold glitter to create layered effects.

5. Again, by using the iridescent paint, it just adds to the shine and dimension of the finished product.

Add balloons and photo props to your party for a total glittered-out affair!!

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