Pumpkin Spice is Life! Wow Your Friends With This Adorable DIY Tote Bag

First, let’s just get down to what’s really important here… Happy National Pumpkin Day!!!! It’s that season where we celebrate all things pumpkin and pumpkin spice, well it lights up my life. Pumpkin breads and cakes, pies and lattes, candles and scents, colors and face masks, oh my!

Now, we’re also coming upon the season of gift giving as well, and I can’t think of a more fun, practical and useful gift for any woman in your life than a great tote! And top it off with customization of any kind, the receiver of your gift will be thoroughly impressed.

I have to say, I fell in love with these Joy Mangano tote bags! They are so roomy and come in a range of amazing colors, the gray, blush, taupe and white. It’s just so hard to choose as they can all go with just about everything. In fact, I want to keep them all to myself instead of gifting like my original plan (don’t worry, I won’t do that… okay, maybe I’ll keep ONE for myself). Plus, they are expandable for when you need a little extra space AND come with an RFID-protected interior zipper pocket helps safeguard your personal information. Definitely an amazing gift to give.

For the personalization, I used the NEW Cricut Maker to print an iron on in a favorite pumpkin design of mine… and yes, Pumpkin Spice is Life!!

The Cricut Maker makes it easy and the Design Space software (for a computer AND your devices) walks you right through the steps for the cutting process. I used a black iron on, and placed on the Light Grip Cutting Mat. When it comes time to insert the mat for cutting, make sure to select or toggle the “mirror” option in Design Space, and place the shiny side down for the iron on, so that it cuts your design the right way! Once cut, just place over your tote bag and with your iron on a high (but NOT steam) setting, hold over each edge and cover the area where your design and the tote meet. Because the totes are a thick canvas material, I even opened it up and ironed from the inside as well to make sure they design was heated through and attached well. Once you’re certain the design is attached to your bag, peel off the plastic covering and enjoy!!!

Though… don’t enjoy too much if it’s a gift. I would HIGHLY recommend making one for yourself as well, because once you get your hands on your customized bag, you’ll have SO many uses for it!

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