Pinterest-Worthy Gifts: 3 Easy DIY Wrapping Ideas

Are you ready for gifting season? That simple quote, “it’s better to give than to receive,” always rings true around this time of the year. Of course, getting gifts are pretty grand as well! I will say though, seeing someones face light up as you hand them a pretty gift is a spectacular feeling in itself.

Whatever the gift may be, you don’t have to go crazy buying loads of wrapping paper, since we’ve got you covered with 3 ways to DIY wrap your gifts.

Now, just because something is difficult, doesn’t make it better. I’m a firm believer in relieving stress and slowing down to treasure the little things, and for the holiday season, I’m all about the natural elements the holidays bring. A gift wrapped in humble kraft paper and red twine can be just so beautiful. If you’ve got a little extra time, then indulge with some glitter, shine and surprise!

Kraft paper makes the perfect blank slate and you can do SO much with it! Plus, you’re not running out of that one kind of wrapping paper you bought or stocking up on a variety… instead you’ll make the variety happen yourself. Thus the DIY element!

One of my favorite ways to add a little shine to a wrapped present is with a brushstroke or two of iridescent paint! While it’s still wet, you can even sprinkle some glitter for even more bling and really let your present sparkle. Be it with stripes, swipes or any other pattern, this is one easy and quick way to customize your gift wrapping. Top it off with some red twine and a personalized tag, and you’re ready to get your gifting on!

Another favorite (and SUPER) simple way to up the ante on your kraft wrapped gift is with Christmas tape!! I have to say, this one is almost too easy, but when you’ve got lots of gifts and you’re short on time, there’s nothing better than an option that packs a big punch with very little time. Add on an embellishment (cinnamon stick, sprig of greenery or berries, an ornament, candy cane, etc.) with some tape and a twist of natural twine and this gift is a wrap (pun intended)!

Finally, we’ve got an option that keeps it simple, but adds a tag that can be kept as a keepsake itself. With the new Gemini Junior, you can cut or score all different kinds of material with the die cut. Add some extra flair to your tags with paint, pens, glitter or more and create a unique touch that the gift-receiver will want to keep around. Finish it off with a wrap of twine and embellishments and you’ll have that natural holiday flair at your fingertips!

What about you… what’s your favorite style of wrapping? We’d love to hear your ideas and tips!

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