Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Cricut Maker in Less Than 10 Minutes

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the water of crafting, or you’re an experienced crafter, the all-new Cricut Maker brings the professional crafting, cutting and creating experience home… or anywhere else you want to be!

I have to admit, I’m new to the world of Cricut machines, but just a few minutes after plugging in the new Maker, I was hooked! I’m not sure what I was waiting for, because the Maker makes it easy to dream, design and then make it happen as it’s the ultimate smart cutting machine. With more tools and more materials (it cuts hundreds of materials including fabric, leather and balsa wood!), there are more possibilities than ever before.

Plus, there are so many built-in thoughtful touches, like a USB cable that will charge your compatible device as you use it, a helpful docking slot, storage at your fingertips and more. For any project, from vinyl, iron-ons, fabric and more, it’s easy to find inspiration and choose a pattern, set up the tools and material and get that project going!

While my very FIRST project to acquaint myself with the new Cricut Maker was a customized coffee mug (yep, coffee is my love language), I can’t wait to really dive in and see first-hand what this revolutionary machine can do!

Ready to dive in with me? I put together a video showing you just how to set up and use the all-new Cricut Maker!

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