Embellish Your Front Door With This Fabulous Fall Wreath

Nothing tells your friends that visit and neighbors that you are into the season like a front door wreath!

Wreaths can be very holiday neutral, decorated for fall, halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and any other holiday you enjoy celebrating.

I am always looking for some easy-on-the-budget DIY’s to do with my family, utilizing items from our home and our yard. Making a wreath is a great hands on project that anyone can make and then proudly display, and starting with a great neutral base of greenery means you can take it through the whole holiday season, just by switching out a few embellishments!

So let me show you how to embellish your front door with this fabulous fall wreath!

DIY Fall Wreath

First, I like a more organic in nature decor style, so gathering greens from our yard is one of my first steps to at home DIY decor! Just head outside with some scissors and snip a few thin branches and twigs.

Next, I used one of our old boxes (from a box of diapers, thank-you-very-much) as the base of our wreath. Just cut out a piece the size you’d like your wreath to be and then cut out a circle from it.

From this circle base, it’s just adding your “ingredients” for a fabulous wreath by attaching with twine or wire. I had some glittery gold twigs (that also light up!) that are also bendable, and it helps in keeping the structure of the wreath intact. This step takes a little finagling at times, but just keep playing with your pieces and layers until you find the right coverage and a look you like.

The final step is adding in your holiday touches! For fall, I used a couple fall-inspired colors of embellishments and ribbon, attaching with twine as needed, or just twisting and tucking into the wreath until it looked right. I use scissors or Crafter’s Companion Ribbon Cutter that trims ribbon at a perfect angle without fraying.

The final product is something that I can be proud that I made, it can be displayed indoor or on our front door, and I know that I can just switch the finishing touches out when I’m ready to change it up!

What about you, do you like creating seasonal decor in your home? We’d love to see a photo!

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