Don’t Fumble With The Forks: DIY Football Party Mason Jars

My family and I are football fans… myself more of a fan of the party than the actual game itself. Being a mom of four, two of them boys who love to rough and tumble, it seems like an aspect of football always lingers in our household. The upcoming season is already upon us and my family and I are gearing up for some game day gatherings at our humble abode.

Because I am one to go all out when it comes to parties and get-togethers, you can bet that when I started planning for the season, I had a fun DIY in mind. A great way to jazz up any food or drink station is with these adorable Painted Mini Mason Jars. We used them to hold our silverware, straws and a few of our football themed clappers. They are simple and eye catching so they add a lot to your tablescape without too much time and effort.

DIY Painted Football Jars

To make your own follow these simple steps:

1. Paint your base coat, you’ll want to put a thick even coat on all of the jars.

2. Let it dry. I’m sure you are rolling your eyes, because this step is a given, but to be honest waiting for it to be completely dry is the hardest part.

3. Go in with your second color, and map out your design. For most of our jars I kept things very simple, the brown jar just received some simple lace lines to represent the football, the white jar a few vertical lines and some buttons to represent the Ref, the green is just a few horizontal lines in two different colors and it is meant to be like the grass and lastly the black jar is a football play. This jar took the most time because we wanted to paint a football inspired play and our paintbrushes were too thick (you’ll need a fine tip brush for this), so I improvised and used the tip of a pencil.

4. Again, let your jars dry.

Lastly, set them up, take a fun pic and tag @HSN in your game day photos! I can’t wait to see what you create!

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