DIY Patriotic Paper Pinwheels to Celebrate Memorial Day

Looking for an inexpensive way to brighten up your holiday table? These paper rosettes are easy, inexpensive, and a great way to use your paper scraps.


1. Cut 12” patterned paper in to strips of assorted widths – two strips per width. The wider the strip the larger the rosette will be. Set aside.

2. Cut 1.5” circles (one for each strip) and assorted size stars on your Cricut (or use a punch). Set aside.

3. Use a scoring board to score the 12” strips at every ½” mark.

4. Accordion fold the strips.

5. Adhere the ends of the matching strips together to form a cylinder.

6. Gather the top of the cylinder and press towards the center to create the rosette.

7. Apply hot glue to one 1.5” circle and place rosette on top to hold it in place. Let dry.

8. Flip rosette over and apply hot glue to another circle and place on center of rosette. Let dry.

9. Flip rosette over again, pinch the end of a paper straw to flatten, add hot glue to center of circle, then place flattened end of paper straw on circle and let dry.

10. Add pre-made rosettes and paper stars as embellishments.

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