DIY Alert! Help the Kids Craft Cards for Santa This Year

Letters to Santa can be such a fun-filled family activity, but depending on how you make it happen, it can also be very time consuming and messy. Don’t let that be an excuse this year! I mean, who doesn’t love writing to Santa each year? Especially when HSN makes it this pretty and simple to do too.

With the Anna Griffin® Window Frame Cardmaking Kit for Christmas and the Cricut Maker, we enjoyed some good quality family time, and on the other end of it, we had GORGEOUS letters to Santa I’m sure will impress even the most persnickety of elves.

An afternoon filled with smiles and little furrowed brows as my little one’s creative juices were going helped us enjoy the process, moment by moment. Instead of fretting on what to do next, the card making kit made it simple, but with a plethora of options that left us with a final product seemingly much more complex than it actually was.

We used the Cricut to write the address to Santa on each envelope (since it’s much prettier than my handwriting would be!) and each child loved stuffing their envelope with a fully customized and beautiful card.

These little tools have enabled us to cross our cards to Santa from our Christmas bucket list… what’s on your list this year? Are you making one; and checking it twice?

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