Cheers! DIY Gold Glitter Glasses to Liven Up The Party

I am the kind of person that can plan an entire party around one item; it could be a napkin, a saying, a character, a food item or even a delicious mocktail. No matter what it is, once I’ve found my inspiration, it’s full steam ahead to party central.

For most of my parties I like to incorporate a fun and easy DIY… or four. For a Golden Glam Girls Night, one fun DIY is custom Glitter Wine Glasses. In my book, every girls night can only get better if you add a little sparkle. So grab your wine glasses and bust out the glitter ladies. It’s time to add some glam.

Step One – Clean and dry your glasses.

Step Two – Tape off where you want your glitter to go on the glass. I personally put it at about the 3/4 mark.

Step Three – Apply your ModPodge to the part of the glass that you want to glitterfy.

Step Four – Immediately shake on your glitter. I suggest using a light hand, keep in mind you can always go back with another layer.

Step Five – Step back and let it dry.

Step Six – Peel off the tape, pour in your drink of choice, and enjoy.

These DIY Glitter Glasses are fun, easy and a definitely GLAM addition! They were a big hit with my girlfriends and the perfect accompaniment and inspiration party piece for a Golden Glam Girls Night. Ready to throw your own?

Let us know in the comments if you’ve glitter-fied glasses or something else recently, I’d love to hear!

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