Bring the Garden Indoors with this DIY Cactus Rocks Project

While I’m not touting a green thumb (in fact usually I’m the opposite), I can say that this is one bit of greenery that will definitely last in my house… and it’s cute too!

I’m always one that can go for a bit of whimsy, and this DIY Cactus Rocks Project is such a cute way to infuse a little personality into your space. Whether it’s styling your shelves, adding some color to your kitchen or even decorating a table for taco night or a spring/summer soiree, it’s the perfect accent.

The best part? You’ll never have to remember to water it or make sure that it’s getting enough sunlight.

Ready to make your own DIY Cactus Rocks?


Rocks (I used some larger river stones and small pebbles)


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Paint in various shades of green

Paint brushes

White paint pen


Step 1: Paint the river rocks with your green base color and let set on paper to dry.

Step 2: Vary your shades of green. You can mix colors or use a few different shades to give the stones some variations.

Step 3: Prepare your pot. If you want to give it a white wash or paint other details on it, now is a great time (it will be hard to turn the pot sideways when it’s full!).

Step 4: Let everything dry thoroughly! This is probably the hardest part because it’s so hard to wait!

Step 5: Draw on the details. Using a white paint pen you can get creative here and add dots, lines, stars and more to create the full effect.

Step 6: Assemble your cacti! Place the stones in the pot with varying sizes so you can see your handiwork.

One thing I love is that this is such a great project for both adults and for kids, which makes for a fun time together. I could definitely handle a few of these cuties around our place. Either way, it’s a fun DIY project you can be proud of!

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