Adorn Your Mantle With This Autumn-Inspired DIY

Recently one of my dear friends and I were talking about how we couldn’t believe it is now officially fall. During our conversation we got on the subject of home decor for her fireplace mantel and because my new home is still in the construction phase and we don’t have our fireplace yet, I told her I’d love to play with some decor ideas for hers.

When it comes to a fireplace mantel it is usually front and center in the room and has the power to really set the mood or atmosphere for that space. I personally like the look of layering items, to create depth and visual interest no matter the season or holiday!

To start off on this Autumn-inspired mantle, I wanted to see what pieces we already had to work with because with this year flying by, Christmas is right around the corner and we momma’s have lots of littles to shop for, plus it’s just a good challenge reuse what we have in different ways.


We of course have the fireplace itself and I love the warm glow it adds to a home. We also brought in a couple white lanterns that added some height to the mantel. Our other light source was a couple of the gold sparkly branches that I had extra from my fall centerpiece DIY. I placed them inside of a vase and then placed the vase to the front/side of the fireplace to layer the light sources.

Natural Elements

My kids and I have been collecting pine cones for awhile, there is always something new we can do with them. We mostly use them for crafts, to start bonfires, in decor, etc. So needless to say, we had a few on hand and I liked the idea of adding them to our design to bring in a nice natural texture. We also layered in our DIY wood board (basically pallet wood screwed together with a cross section from behind), which brought in another dimension of height to the design. Lastly, I had a few faux fall colored flowers on hand and mixed those in as well.

DIY Pieces

Now it comes to the DIY!!! To continue the layering theme, we crafted two sets of garland. The first garland was made up of two colored tassels. We used an amazing fringe and score board which made the process really easy. You just cut, twist and attach them to the string. The second garland we used fall harvest printed paper to cut out a few different shaped leaves in a range of sizes and then we used an autumn color scheme of glitter and sparkle pens to add a bit of shimmer. Once attached to string with some clothes pins, they became the perfect addition to a DIY Autumn-inspired mantle!

What about you? Have you created some fall themed crafts as decor for your home yet? We’d love to hear about it!

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