7 Hacks For Throwing The Perfect Summer Birthday Party

We don’t let summertime put a damper on our fun, in fact, it’s one of the best times to throw a party… and in our house we’ve got quite a few birthdays to celebrate in the hottest months of the year! Read on for a few tips to throw the best of parties, and how to capitalize on the outdoors, even when you’re sharing it with summer’s heatwaves.

1. Hydration is key, have lots of water handy. We all know that summer can zap you of moisture in an instant, so make it easy for your guests to stay refreshed and hydrated. Have a few places with chilled water at the ready, and you can even take it to the next level and add fruit to infuse some flavor. While on the subject of water, it’s a summer party, so have a few other ways for your guests to cool off as well! A pool, kiddie pool, sprinkler or water balloons are all fun ways to get cooled off.

2. Keep bugs and sun at bay. Don’t let summer’s other elements take your soiree from fun to freakish by an unwelcome swarm. Light some bug repelling candles and have an area where you’ve shown your guests you’re ready for a day of fun in the sun with sunscreen in an easy-to-access spot. While you’re at it, keep insects off your food, too, with food tents covering your platters.

3. Give yourself a break with an easy, seasonal food menu. If you’re going to be outside for a party, might as well fire up the grill and use the great outdoors for your inspiration. Keep the heat out of the kitchen and display a rainbow of your favorite veggies and meats; everything from starters to main courses can be done on the grill. With the fun of being outside, you can even skip the flatware and opt for finger foods that will impress your guests, too.

4. Serve a signature drink. Keep the conversations flowing as you pour a drink that will entertain as much as quench a thirst! For that matter, pull out a bar cart and set up your own tiki bar for the occasion, or decorate it to match your own fete.

5. Set the atmosphere with music… it plays such a critical part of any party! Think about how you want your guests to feel or where you want to “take them”. It’s fun to choose or set up a playlist that has a great mix of well known tunes for everyone to sing along too as well as some obscure or little know bands to mix it up and keep everyone discovering together.

6. Don’t let the ice cream get you in a sticky situation! Pre-scoop ice cream into reusable cupcake liners and freeze for easy serving when it’s time to sing birthday wishes. Set up a toppings bar and let your guests create their own masterpiece… your work is already done.

7. The fun of an outdoor party is being able to mix it up with lighting! Be ready for your party to twinkle as the sun sets with summer lighting. Tiki torches, string lights hanging over the table, lanterns and other candles, fire pit or   even glow sticks in the pool can make your party sparkle as the night plays out.

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