Our Top Toy Gifts for Every Kid on Your List

There is nothing like watching little ones open their gifts. Christmas is such a fun time of year for me, because I have four of them to watch with elation as they dig into the surprises waiting for them on the other side of wrapping paper. If you’ve got kids to shop for, you’ve probably hit that proverbial wall at some point, not sure what to get for them!

We’ve rounded up a few toys for just about every age to get you started on that list you’ll be checking twice!

Ages 3-5

I LOVE finding wooden toys for this age group. They last well (through all the rough and tumble), and as a side note, they always look good in the design of a room too. These Wood Cars and Trucks are great options for both boys and girls!

Ages 6-8

Discovery Toy Drawing Light Designer Widescreen – A light up drawing board for hours of doodling and drawing… where kids can see their art come to life as it glows!

Flipo Kinectic Koils – Such a fun way to learn and play, with so many options for endless play.

Ages 8-12

Toy Robotic Chameleon – The Chameleon is on a mission to collect his food at all costs. As he roams the land, its tongue extends to catch magnetic bugs.

Dirft Rider Electric Drift Cycle – The next generation of electric drifting excitement for little riders!

Turbo Jetts – Lithium-ion power for your feet – Kids can strap down into the Turbo Jetts electric heel wheels and give ordinary sneakers an electric-powered boost.

Razor X Electric Skateboard Cruiser – Put fun on cruise with the lithium-ion-powered electric skateboard made to zoom! The Cruiser is a skateboard with an electrifying kick, handheld remote and soft-start feature.

RC Robotic Trainable Dragon – What kid WOULDN’T want a robotic dragon?! And on top of it, it’s one they can train!

RC Robotic OP One Robot – O.P One is the game changer to robotic fun! With various intelligent functions, like the live broadcast to share a message via the robot and voice changer effects, motorized arms and more.

Ages 13+

Razor SX500 McGrath Electric Dirt Bike– Inspired by the winningest motocross rider in history, King of motocross – Jeremy McGrath, the SX500 is a great dirt bike for your little champion! It’s electric so it’s easy for kids to use. They’ll be ready to rock the dirt in no time!

E300 Electric Scooter – White Blue Refresh – With speeds up to 15mph, wide tires, and steely-gray profile, your kiddos ride just got way more interesting.  Yay for you.  Yay for them. Yay for electricity.

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