6 Quick Tips to Help You Relax Today


It’s the weekend and you’re ready to relax. You’ve got your schedule clear, your laundry done, and you’re ready to settle in for a quiet afternoon… but your mind won’t stop. Have you been there? There are a range of scenarios I could’ve mentioned – the start of a vacation, the end of a work day, a morning with kids. Really any situation, and I’m sure you’ve felt it before, the urge to relax though you just can’t quite get there.



Read on for a few quick tips to help you relax, even when your mind and body scream the opposite!


1. Change into comfortable clothes.

Better yet, if you know you’re going to be home, ditch the day clothes and opt for cute pajamas that are comfy and pretty. It will help you to feel the same way!


2. Unwind to good music.

Choose a song that either relaxes or motivates you (whichever you need most in the moment) and let it play long enough that you can begin to feel the stress level lowering.


3. Sit and contract your body muscles one at a time and release each one.

Contract and release, contract and release. This will help to ease the tension being held in your body.


4. Focus on breathing.

Practicing slow and intentional breaths when you feel anxious can help you stay in the present moment and lower stress levels.



5. Having a natural solution, such as an essential oil blend, is such a great way to find your zen.

Diffuse a calming blend as you practice these different ways to relax and watch those frayed nerves find their calm again.

6. Find a distraction that relaxes you.

We all have those time we just need something to refocus our mind from whatever it’s going on and on about. Find a book you love, go for a run, take a hot bath, catch up with friends…. all have been shown to reduce stress. It can take our mind off of what’s bothering us and helps us focus on what’s important.

I hope these tips help in your quest for less stress! What do you do to unwind? I’d love to hear!!



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