5 Ways You Can Stay Healthy While Traveling

Whether you’re catching a flight or embarking on a road trip, practicing healthy habits while traveling will keep you feeling your best!  Travel can be hard on your body so taking good care of yourself can maximize your time away.  Follow these tips and you’ll arrive at your destination feeling rested, nourished, and full of energy!

Pack a Clutter-Free Bag

Seems like a small thing, but packing a clutter-free bag is the first step! Being organized saves time when you’re preparing to head out for the day.  Joy Mangano cosmetic and toiletry bags are the perfect solution.  They’re available in several sizes and colors, and keep your essentials in one place.  They feature removable zippered compartments!  Pull one or two out to toss in your handbag for touch ups on the go!  You can also hang the bag from one of the handles for easy access while getting ready, and then roll the bag up to store.

When traveling, seek out smaller sizes of favorite products.  HSN has a great selection of travel size cosmetics, skin care, hair products, and more!  One of my favorite combos is the Smashbox CC Cream with SPF 30 and the Smashbox Loose Powder.  This powder is mess free and won’t ruin your makeup bag because it gives a fresh dose of powder when you twist the container!

I also love the Benefit Mini Mascara Set.  It includes three of their most popular mascara formulas, sized for travel!  Another essential is the Ultimate Natural Eyeshadow Palette.  It contains 9 flattering shadows to create many different looks…it’s the only eye palette you’ll need to pack!

Prep Healthy Food To-Go

Avoid getting hangry by packing your own healthy meals and snacks.  Healthy options on the road can be few and far between, so it’s nice to have a fresh meal or snack ready to eat…

These all in one lunch containers are a must have, and kids love them too!  They feature several compartments, plus a spoon and fork set built right in.  I fill ours with chicken salad or rolled up deli meat, fruit, vegetables, olives, and our favorite dressings/dips.

Portable, individual size bags of dried fruit and nuts keep your energy up and are perfect for active days!  Pack a few in your bag when you’re hiking or enjoying outdoor activities.  Ferris Cherry, Berry, and Nut Mixes are delicious and satisfy a sweet and salty craving!

Move and Hydrate

Monitor your activity and sleep on vacation with the Alta HR from Fitbit!  I love the slim, streamlined design and easy to read display.  This model tracks your heart rate, steps, and calories burned.  The band can be changed out to coordinate with your outfit!  Active and leather bands are available, in several colors.  The Alta conveniently alerts you when you get an incoming call or text.  It also tracks your sleep.  It’s the perfect travel companion!

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water while you travel!  Staying hydrated will help you avoid headaches, fatigue, and other travel-related issues.  Keep an insulated water bottle with you, and sip/refill throughout the day.  Add a squeeze of lemon or lime for flavor!  Try to minimize alcohol and caffeine intake, as these act as diuretics.

Break a Sweat!

Start your day with a quick workout for a boost of energy!  Pack equipment you can use anywhere, such as the GoFit Resistance Band Set.  Take along the set or just a couple of the bands.  These are super versatile and take up very little space.  Use the guide (included) for workout ideas and don’t forget to pack your workout clothes!

Rest and Rejuvenate

You’re on vacation after all, so be sure to allow for plenty of rest and relaxation!  Take an afternoon nap, sleep in, and enjoy being on a relaxed schedule.  On travel days, take along a soft throw and travel pillow and catch a few extra z’s!

I hope these tips and products help you make the most of your summer travels!   

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