5 Quick Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle


It’s that time of year!  As 2016 comes to an end many of us are beginning to think of resolutions and goals for 2017.  Changes can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be!  Evaluate what you’re already doing and think of simple ways to make healthier choices in your daily life.  Start by making consistent small changes that will add up to big results….


1. Pack a Healthy Lunch and Snacks To Go

This might be my #1 tip for a healthier lifestyle!  Dining out is convenient, but can also be costly for your health (and wallet!)  You’re more likely to stick to your healthy eating plan and avoid temptation if you pack your own meals.  It gives you one less decision to make if your healthy meal is ready to go!

This is a small thing that goes a long way!  It takes some prep beforehand but the benefits are worth it.  Motivate yourself to pack your meals ahead of time with a new lunch bag and food storage containers to use at home or on the go!


To make this work for a busy lifestyle, prepare extra portions of what you’re already cooking for dinner.  Stick to fresh, natural foods that are nutrient dense.  I like to prep extra protein, roasted vegetables, and pre-cut fruit and veggies/salads to quickly put together meals to go.   I also keep my pantry stocked with my favorite salad dressings, nuts, bars, and other snacks to add to my bag.

And, don’t forget to stay hydrated!  I love to drink coffee and tea in the winter to stay warm, but I also try to balance this with drinking enough water.  A tasty way to accomplish this is to use an infuser bottle, which allows you to flavor your water with fresh fruit and/or vegetables with minimal calories and sugar.  Cucumber/lime/mint and strawberry/lemon are among my favorite combos!

2. Use a Fitness Tracker to track Activity and Sleep


Take the guesswork out of tracking your progress with a FitBit!  I love the new FitBit Charge 2.  Not only does it track your activity and sleep, but it also tracks your heart rate.  This feature is perfect for workouts and fitness classes.


There’s an app to go along with it, to track your progress on your computer, phone, or other device.   Set up is simple and the FitBit itself is sleek and very easy to use!  With so many features to help you track your progress, you’ll be hitting your goals in no time!

3. Streamline your Beauty Routine

At the beginning of the year I like to go through my makeup and toss anything that’s expired or not being used.  Then, I make a list of products that need to be replaced and put together a daily kit of essentials.


I also purchase my favorite products in travel sizes.  (A variety of travel sized products can be found at HSN!) I like the smaller sizes for travel or getting ready at the gym after a workout.  Having a kit that’s ready to go saves time!


The JOY Better Beauty Case is perfect for home or travel use.  I love the removable, clear zipper bags within the larger bag.   Makes it so easy to see everything and stay organized!


4. Get Enough Rest/Sleep

So much of how we feel daily depends on how we’re sleeping!  Be sure to get at least 7 hours each night to feel focused and refreshed the next morning.


Upgrade your pillow to ensure a good night’s rest is to upgrade!  The JOY Memory Warm & Cool Pillow is made of adaptable memory foam and is suitable for any type of sleeper.  The best feature of this pillow is that it offers both a warm side and a breathable cool side.  A pillowcase that’s designed to go along with this feature is also included!  This pillow conforms to the curve of your neck, shoulders, and head, for maximum comfort!

Because the FitBit Charge 2 also tracks sleep, you can use the data to see how you can improve your sleep routine.   Another great feature is the Rest function which leads you in a short deep breathing exercise.  It’s an easy way to slow down and relax for bit during a busy day!

5. Be Prepared with Home Workout Options


Having a few pieces of exercise equipment at home is a smart strategy to help you stay active.  Some days I just don’t have time to make it to a gym or class to exercise! Keeping a set of resistance bands and an exercise ball at home provides me with plenty of exercise options to break a sweat.  And, depending on the type of workouts you enjoy, there are many great at-home exercise DVDs that will motivate you to get moving!

Whatever goals you choose to go after this year, remember that consistency is key!  Take care of yourself, stick to your plan, and give yourself enough time to see results.  Here’s to a healthy 2017!



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