Pump Up Your Fitness Lover’s Workout With These Gifts


Whether it’s stairs, running or biking, make sure that your fitness lover has all the right equipment this holiday season! From trackers to treadmills, we’ve got the top gifts that every active person would love to receive.

The Arm Candy To Track It All

Are they wondering just how far their evening runs are? Are they monitoring how many steps they take each day towards their fitness goal? Do they want to start? Gift them the Fitbit Charge 2 this year. With it’s easy-to-read face, they’ll know everything they’re monitoring in an instant – including fitness, sleep and heart rate.

The Multi-Function Trainer

This Proform Hybrid Trainer is an elliptical and bike in one! For those that are looking to constantly switch up their workout routine, this machine offers that advantage. It even includes two DVDs with workout information and a digital meal plan to help them see even better results!

For The Yogi and Relaxation

Whether they’re destressing from a long day with a yoga flow or having a short meditation session, this ultrasonic aroma diffuser is a great gift to help them keep a zen atmosphere. With a 3-piece essential oil starter kit included, there’s no excuse for them to wait to reap the benefits.

Getting The Cardio In At Home

Make things easy this holiday by bringing the gym home with you! This Proform Cardio Tracker Treadmill is the perfect piece to complete your home gym. Featuring iFit technology, this treadmill uses Google Maps to take you on simulated paths anywhere in the world. Let’s get moving!

When You Need A Little Comfort

Sore muscles? Does that neck get tense easily throughout the week? This Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager with heat will be a hit! Whether you’re working in your home, office or just watching television, turn on this gadget to go to work while you relax.

Which gift are you loving for this year?



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