5 Tips for Mixing Metals in Your Wardrobe

Although I tend to lean towards a more neutral palette, I have found that the mixing metals trend is something that I can totally get behind. It adds a little something special to my outfits without being too much.

When it comes to fashion, there tends to be a lot of rules we learned when we were younger, and those rules are now being challenged. Wearing black with brown, sporting socks with your sandals and of course… the mixing of metals were all things to avoid when growing up. I have found each year I get older, these so called rules are being broken more so than being kept, and for good reason. Fashion is a form of expression and we all express ourselves differently. If wearing socks with your sandals is your thing, then you should rock it. For me, that is still a trend that I have yet to embrace, but I have definitely seen some girls wear it well! I am all for breaking the fashion molds of the past.

Here are a few tips on how I have attempted to master the fabulous mixing metals trend.

1. Choose a dominant metal.

Start with a metal finish that you love to be the most prominent, and then choose one or two others to add on as little accents.

2. Blend warm and cool toned metals.

Gold and brass metals can come off as a rich pop of color and bring in a luxe texture when you pair them with a cooler metal like chrome or silver adding dimension and depth.

3. Keep it subtle.

This trend is one that is meant to compliment, too much can distract. When building your outfit, take a step back and ask yourself if anything is competing for attention. If the answer is yes, lose one metal item for something more neutral.

4. Consider your color palette.

Warm metals like rose gold, brass and copper pair nicely with reds, browns and yellow items of clothing. Cooler metals like chrome and silver; pair nicely with blues, purples and greens.

5. Wear what makes you smile.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, the best accessory on a woman is her smile. If you love what you are wearing and wear it with confidence, you can rock anything.

Mixing metals is definitely a growing trend that I am excited about! What do you think about it?



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