Inside Three Heidi Daus Summer Styles

1. Yacht Look: ‘Ravishing Reef’ Beaded Crystal Bib Necklace

'Ravishing Reef' Beaded Crystal Bib Necklace

Where do I Envision Rocking this Necklace: Being on a yacht and relaxing while cruising along the ocean while sipping on a nice cold glass of bubbly! 😉

When: During the day at the beach, and then later during the night as well! This necklace is so great for transitioning from day to night.

What would I wear with it: What a perfect way to celebrate the summer season than with my “Ravishing Reef” collection! I would wear this with a B. Saxxy Convertible Smocked Maxi Dress in either robin egg blue or black, and then top it off with a Vince Camuto Braided Paper Wide Brin Pajama Hat hat. Oh.. HOW FAB! J

B. Saxxy Convertible Smocked Maxi Dress/Bag

Vince Camuto Braided Paper Wide Brim Panama Hat

2. Beachside: “Beauty from the Sea” Enamel and Crystal Pin

Heidi Daus 'Beauty From the Sea' Enamel and Crystal Pin

Where do I Envision Rocking this Pin: When I think of the beach… I think of Vacation! And treating myself to a cocktail and swimming in the water…like a beautiful mermaid! 😉 What better way to get in the mood than accessorizing with my “Beauty from the Sea” pin on my beach bag!

When: All summer long..of course!

What would I wear with it: I would accompany this beautiful mermaid pin with a straw tote much like the TOMS Islander Multi Straw tote in the color straw. Oh my.. how perfect is that!?

TOMS Islander Multi Straw Tote


3. All Travel Adventures: “Jewelry Confidential” Crystal-Accented Convertible Necklace Set

'Jewelry Confidential' Crystal-Accented Convertible Necklace Set

Where do I Envision Rocking this Outfit: During all of my summer adventures with my family!

When: Anywhere where I need a quick and versatile accessory!

What would I wear with it: When we travel the challenge is consolidating your wardrobe in a small suitcase…my answer to variety, flexibility, and glamour is my “Jewelry Confidential” Necklace! I’d love to also travel with my Marla Wynne clothing. Her clothes are wonderful canvases for my jewelry! And in this particular case, choosing any color of Marla Wynne’s box sleeve sweater with camisole is a homerun! Pair it back with her adorable flatter stretch skinny pant can take a girl from day to evening! This is one of my absolute favorite creations! The three segments that make up the necklace can be broken up and made into 3 fabulous bracelets!

Tips for the Summer Jet Set Girl:

Lastly I wanted to share with you a few tips I have for all of our Summer Jet Set Girls out there!

  • I like to keep my dresses light and airy and preferably cotton.
  • As you know, my mantra is: wear simple clothes and keep your jewelry fabulous.
  • Flats are your friend actually!
  • Wrinkle free clothing- fabrics like denim, linen, and pieces with lycra in it.
  • Bag- the more versatile the better! Bring a bag with a top handle that you can wear on your shoulder or arm!
  • Some additional must haves are sunblock
  • If you’re a jet setter, the key to packing light is to bring pieces that can be mixed and matched. A set of basics in black or neutral colors is a good place to start; then add color and personality from there. Or pick specific colors from the jewelry you are bringing and clothes that match that color!

Enjoy your summer everyone and sparkle on!

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