Gold for Your Guy: Jewelry Styles He’ll Love

With Father’s Day being right around the corner, I’m already starting to wonder what I’m going to give to my dad! For me, it’s always been hard to shop for him because I run out of unique ideas over the years. Well, with May being Gold Month and Father’s Day coming up rather quickly, it’s the perfect excuse to shop for something gold for him!

Here are three gift ideas for Father’s Day that are unique, yet shiny and new, in honor of Gold Month:

Gift Idea 1: Michael Anthony Jewelry 10K Marina Link Bracelet or the Michael Anthony Jewelry 10K Watchband Link Bracelet

 If your dad is always adding a bracelet to his look for the day, then the Marina Link Bracelet or the Watchband Link Bracelet will be perfect for him!

What’s great about these is that they can be worn with a casual outfit or with his suit and tie. They’re also not too flashy if he’s not about making a statement. They’re just the right amount of bling to add to a casual or classy look.

Gift Idea 2: Passport to Gold 14K Curb-Link Chain Necklace

 If your dad insists on wearing a chain necklace every day that maybe you’re not too crazy about (or he simply needs a new one!) then this would be the perfect upgrade to gift him!

The Passport to Gold 14K Curb-Link Chain Necklace is perfect for a dad that prefers consistency in his accessories and only likes to wear one thing, and one thing only. While the chain necklace can be paired with either link bracelets or with the band ring, it’s also a great piece to wear on its own!

Gift Idea 3: Michael Anthony Jewelry Men’s 10K “Crucifix” Band Ring

Maybe your dad would like something a little flashier or is a huge fan of wearing rings. Then this is the gift for him. The Michael Anthony Jewelry Men’s 10K “Crucifix” Band Ring is great for the guy who is all about making statement. Bolder than the link bracelets and the chain necklace, the band ring is sure to make the other dad’s jealous!

I personally know how hard shopping for Father’s Day can be. Especially when you don’t want to just give him a giftcard, a simple Hallmark card, or a desk calendar again! So, whether you’re shopping for a dad who likes something a little more subtle or a dad who likes to come out with a bang, one of these gift ideas will work for you! Plus, since May is Gold Month, it’s too good of an excuse to not get a gold piece for him this Father’s Day! Happy shopping!

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