Four Jewelry Essentials to Complement Any Outfit

If you are sick of your day-to-day outfits, but don’t have the budget to purchase an entirely new wardrobe, I believe even the more mundane looks can be made new with the help of a few well-chosen accessories.

I suggest going through your wardrobe and taking stock of what items you do have. Getting a good handle on what items you have and what you still need, will help you plan out your purchases and stick to your budget.

I have four go-to accessory items that I believe provide the biggest impact; earrings, watches, necklaces and belts.

When it comes to earrings, I think this is a place where you can really have fun, throw in some color, texture, drama and maybe even a little sparkle, they’re a smaller item but they have the potential to make a huge impact on any outfit.  A few of my favorites at the moment are the Beaded Tassel Earrings and the Deepa Tassel Drop Earrings. Watches are an accessory I think more men think of than women, but I believe that they can be a key item in a woman’s ensemble as well. I recently got my hands on the Kessaris set of 5 Glitter Watches, and I’ve had fun finding the perfect one to pair with my outfits. I like that they add a little bling and an extra layer of style. When it comes to necklaces I’m drawn to many different styles, I love the look of a beautiful dainty gold chain with a simple pendant like my Shelly Brown Camp Necklace, but I also have fun rocking a chunky statement piece as well.

The fun thing about accessories is that they can be changed out to match your mood, as well as the occasion.

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This months jewelry spotlight is the JK NY Tassel Earring!


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