Colorful Jewelry to Try This Spring

What I love the most about the Spring time is the transition from the more shaded Wintry tones into the bright ones come March and April. For me, it really embodies the start of a brand new season!

With all these new changes, I love to add more colorful accessories to elevate my outfits. Over the years, I’ve discovered that even just throwing on a few bracelets, a unique necklace, or some colorful earrings can completely transform an otherwise plain outfit.

To fully embody the Spring colors, I decided to take one of my simple pink crop tops, a pair of ripped denim shorts, and some colorful accessories to showcase how you can level up a casual look in just a few seconds.

I love the JKNY Agate Stone Tassel Necklace against a solid color top because it really makes the piece pop! This necklace has so many elements that make it so interesting. Between the varying stone colors, the sparkly tassel holder, and then the tassel itself, you’re definitely making a statement with this one!

Bracelets will always have a special place in my heart because you can wear one, two, three, or more! The JKNY Single Strand Beaded Adjustable Bracelets are especially great because they pop enough on their own, but aren’t too crazy all together, and they would even be great paired with the Tassel Necklace pictured above!

You can never go wrong with a good pair of stud earrings! For a casual yet statement look I love the Stately Steel Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings. They come in purple, silver, and blue which is perfect if you like to have a variety of options like I do! In the Spring you will also find me with my hair up more often so these studs are a great way to elevate a simple updo.

Those are just a few ways to style some fun accessories this Spring! The biggest key: don’t be afraid to experiment with lots of color!

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