You’ll Fall Head Over Heels For This Romantic Bell Sleeve Blouse

Every single day deserves a healthy dose of drama, and this enchantingly intricate bell-sleeved top is the epitome of ultra-femme and fabulous.  It’s a show-stopping statement-maker, wouldn’t you say?

Aren’t the sleeves spellbinding?  I’m a frill-seeker who believes that the more feminine flourishes, the better!  No wonder I named my blog!  However, every outfit must have balance.  And that’s why these girlfriend jeans are the second star of the show.  They’re casual enough to keep the “froufrou” feel of this outfit to a minimum; however, their slim fit makes them the ideal jean for an easygoing girly-girl.  Nothing’s better than finding a comfy pair of denim that flatters.

Let’s chat more about this top, shall we?  It’s an absolute beaut that showcases one of spring’s most swoon-worthy trends: modern romance.  The best part is, it’s available in 4 different colors!  I love options, don’t you?  These breathtaking bells = magic in each and every hue.

And how perfect are these powder pink pumps?  They’re the prettiest.  They’re essentially a neutral despite their subtle pink shade.  These babies can be worn with nearly everything this spring.  Versatility at its finest.  Speaking of versatility, this bag is a not-so-basic “basic” that you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again.  It’s a wardrobe workhorse that’s roomy enough for all of the (albeit unnecessary) doodads that I carry around in my bag on a daily basis.

So, bring on ALL the lace, ALL the romance and ALL of the oversized sleeves, please! Because this girl can’t get enough of it!  Happy Shopping! xo

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