Who are the Heidi Girls on Your Holiday Gift List?

It’s that time again…time to make your gift list and find the perfect pieces for the favorite Heidi Girls in your life! Here are some of my suggestions:
Let’s start with the Decadent Daughter. Of course most of you know that I am surrounded by men in my home, but they do have (many) girlfriends and not long ago I was once that young, fashion savvy hipster-ess who thought she knew it all.  What would I buy this take-the-world-by-storm kinda gal? It would have to be the new Divine Elegance Cross necklace in graduated strands of burgundy pearls and crystals, with a fabulous, chunky cross set asymmetrically off to one side. Girls, the divine combination of topaz, burgundy, and amethyst crystals is edgy enough to wow any street attire and make your young lady look like a rock star! Of course this necklace is timeless so she will be able to wear it into well into her 40’s and beyond. But don’t tell her that!
For the The Heidi Girl Who Has Everything.  This is a tall order to fill because this lady’s got a virtual Cleopatra’s Tomb! On the other hand she is powerless when it comes to the latest Heidi creation. She is, in a word, JUST LIKE ME! I must admit I am my own prisoner and I can hardly stand it when I see a finished piece.  It just slays me. This describes the new Hypnotic Intrigue necklace.  It has a massive station that is almost like a breast plate of crystals – it is everything impressive and GORGEOUS, yet is as versatile as a pair of designer jeans. You won’t want to take it off !
Then there is that Glamorous Grandma. After all, 60 is the new 40 right girls? Actually the necklace I am recommending I am bringing back by popular demand after many requests. The “Sultry Swirl” necklace. If you examine the casting this is a sensual piece of sculpture with subtle curves and perfectly cut, graduated baguettes set on an angle to accommodate the round intertwined station.  Strands comprised of faceted Montana beads suspend the swirled centerpiece set with tiny multicolored crystals and baby seed pearls. It’s a stunner for that stunning Grandma!

Smart, sophisticated and at the top of her game. I am describing the Mom That’s a Maven.  The necklace that instantly comes to mind is my new Divine Miss Paisley piece in smoky topaz and black diamond to create this subtle-yet-spectacular neck piece if there is such a thing!. The classic kidney shape Paisley, named after a Scottish town but actually derived from ancient Iranian dynasties was used to decorate royalty. Don’t you think Mom commands a little attention?  Put this around her neck and bow to the Queen that she is.
How can we overlook Your BFF? Undeniably she is the person that is there for you and gives you a lift when you need it the most.  I created the Alluring Amaryllis collection because it brought to mind a ritual my mother and I had each holiday season. We would plant a bulb in a small pot every November and by Christmas we would experience the beauty of the Amaryllis, the gorgeous tropical looking flower in the middle of the winter. When skies grow dark early and the house is chilly there is this unexpected surprise. A mammoth bright red bloom on a dark and cold day, so out of character for the season. Like a true friend, who is there when you least expect them and need them the most .
So here we are at one of my favorite holidays – Thanksgiving. Give thanks for all of the special people in your life. Your goodness will always come back to you.
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