Which Wei East Product is Right for Your Skin, and More Skincare Secrets from Wei

Ladies, it’s time to revamp your skincare regime! Wei East is celebrating nine years with HSN and we have some great beauty secrets for you!
I had the pleasure of meeting Wei Brian the other day, and she walked me through her skincare journey. With influence from her mother and grandmother, Wei graduated with an engineering degree. But it was her father who sparked her interest in skincare. Her father’s wish was for Wei to help China in some sort of capacity. She quickly followed her passion to study China’s ancient skincare recipes, and created a skincare line that would reflect a person’s beauty inside and out.

Because we all have such different skincare needs, Wei brings you a variety of skincare collections that meet your specific needs.
If you haven’t tried all of her collections, depending on your desired skin solution, here is what Wei recommends to get started. These items will quickly become your new skincare essentials!

For Anti-aging, Wei recommends the China Herbal Collection for women who are looking for an everyday anti-aging fix.
Must-have item: China Herbal Advance Youth Recaptured & China Herbal Advance Eyes Alive Duo. This duo is great for all skin types – it will rejuvenate your look!
For Hydration, the White Lotus Collection offers up all-day moisture for your dry winter skin.
Must-have item: White Lotus Triple Hydration Use this cream daily and your face will always feel moisturized!

For Lifting & Firming, the Chestnut Collection is exactly what you need to improve skin elasticity over time.
Must-have item: Chestnut Refirming Eye Beauty Treatment
Say goodbye to sagging eyelids – no one wants those!

For Age-defying Solutions, the Ageless Pearl Collection will help you on your way to a healthy, more youthful-looking complexion.
Must-have item: Ageless Pearl Cream. This traditional Chinese beauty secret will help wipe away those wrinkles and leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. One of our beauty gals, Alexis, uses this cream and it keeps her looking fabulous!

For Skin Renewal, the Golden Root Collection includes a collection of products that will rejuvenate your skin on a daily or weekly basis.
Must-have item: Golden Root Renewal Mud Mask. Use this mask once a week and see your skin renew itself!

Now that you are ready to get started, here are a couple of Wei’s secrets to using her skincare line!
1) To reduce puffiness around the eye, use the Advance China Herbal Eye Treatment PadsChina Herbal Advance Eyes Alive and . Cut the eye pads in half and place them in the refrigerator. Once the eye pad is nice and cold, rub some the Eyes Alive on it. Then place over eyelids. Not only does it feel good, it will help reduce puffiness!
2) For an all-day regime, use the China Herbal Advance Eyes Alive and add some of your own makeup concealer to it. This skincare duo offers treatment benefits (reducing puffiness) and great makeup coverage!

Watch Wei East on March 16th and 17th and join us in celebrating her 9th Anniversary! She is offering special anniversary pricing and introducing her biggest innovation yet, Extreme Face Up item! Learn more by visiting the Extreme Face Up feature page that includes a “How to Use” video, FAQs, and step-by-step illustrations. Buy it now before it sells out! See it all HERE!
–Carla Shah, HSN Beautynista
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