What Should I Wear Today?

This question is often asked and too often left unanswered. That is why, we, at HSN decided to come up with the answers to your questions to help you get dressed everyday.
There is nothing worse than looking into a full closet of clothes in the morning and thinking to yourself “I have nothing to wear!!”(By the way you have 10 minutes to get ready and leave the house!?)
Fashion is something that should be fun and fabulous – never daunting or dull!
So we came up with the answer to the #1 asked question – What Should I Wear Today? The answer…THEME.
Theme is one of our new brands at HSN. We are launching it this week with new Spring product and cannot wait for all of you to get it home.
Quite simply theme is the answer to ALL of your fashion needs! We have items to take you to work, to the concert, the interview, the luncheon, to the soccer field, the school play, out to dinner, on a date, on a plane, vacationing in Tahiti or Miami – you name it- we got it! Not only do we have it, but now you will be the only ones in the world to have it in your closets.
What do I wear to work that I can wear to dinner after?

» theme Layered Chiffon Bubble Top
I wish I had a cute jacket that I can wear in bad weather, but not look like a fisherman in a storm.

» theme Lightweight Anorak Jacket
I love white pants, but all of them are see-thru!

» theme 2-way stretch boot cut pants
All of my comfy clothes look frumpy and shrink when I put them in the wash!

» theme Henley Drawstring Top
The list goes on… we are so excited for this launch- we know that you will love each and every item just as much as we do! After all, we all know that there is nothing better than throwing on a great new top, not only loving the way you look in it but loving how great your wallet looks as well (did I mention that everything for Spring is under $50!!)
Tune in for all of our fabulous Spring Fashions – including theme and finally get that satisfied feeling when you look in your closet!

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