What Makes a Smart TV Smart And Why You Want One

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So just what makes a TV a Smart TV? Several things, and those things can make your life easier, and a lot more interesting! From built in Wi-Fi to widgets and apps, this internet-savvy TV is so much more than ‘just’ a television.


1. Internet options

The Vizio Smart TV acts like a tablet, with plenty of internet options. By definition, a Smart TV is any television that can be connected to the internet. This allows you to stream services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and even YouTube.


2. Plenty of apps

And again, much like your tablet, you can also access tons of apps, like Twitter, facebook, and more. There are plenty of apps available for download in the Yahoo store. And speaking of Yahoo, on your home screen you will find a number of widgets, like Yahoo Sports, Weather, and News.


3. Affordable pricing

Once upon a time, when Smart TVs first came out, the prices were outrageous. But today a Smart TV is comparable in price to regular TVs of the same size. So you can enjoy a Smart TV on any budget!


How do you feel about Smart TVs? Already own one? Share your experiences below!

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