What is CC Cream?

A big thanks to the tens of thousands of you who helped make our 18th Anniversary such a big success – hard to imagine that I started coming to HSN in my mid-twenties – I have literally grown up with all of you.   It is so gratifying to be with a brand that many of you have used since its inception – just like me!  But I welcome you newbies with open arms!
During the April visit to HSN, you probably could feel my excitement regarding the CC Cream for the Eyes.   Given the availability of the product, we created special brief presentations of the CC Cream on an advance sale basis.    In the short time we spent on the CC Cream for the Eyes – we didn’t really get a chance to talk about all the wonderful benefits – and we truly were not able to provide a full demonstration.   I am happy to tell you that during the June visit – which actually starts with Cecilia and John on the May 30 Day of Beauty Event – you will see a full tutorial type of presentation.  So whether you have ordered the CC Cream for the Eye – or are thinking  about a purchase – I hope you have time to join us for a complete, unhurried, presentation of this remarkable “answer”.
If you already have received the CC Cream for the Eyes – I hope my personal tips will coming in handy when applying:
–          Apply as you would an eye cream
–          Use sparingly – a little goes a long way
–          I use a bit more in the darker areas
–          I also use it as a highlighter or concealer on other parts of the face
–          Use is under the eyebrow – it gives a visible “lift” to the lid
–          One product provides the same benefit as an eye cream, a concealer, powder – and it firms!
–          Be sure to blend it out…
I also like the tip that many customers have suggested and that is to apply sparingly – and use a light tap-tap motion with your finger tip, adding more until you get the desired coverage.
We have a very busy Summer with our partner HSN.    You will see Cecilia and John on HSN during the May 30 Day of Beauty.  I am back on June 1, 2 and 3.  Cecilia and John back with some extraordinary values during the HSN Summer Host Pick Event on June 14 – then we all return to celebrate the HSN Birthday month on July 13-15.
Be sure to join us on HSN!
Jennifer Flavin-Stallone

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