What Does Your Nail Polish Say About You?

What Does Your Nail Polish Say About You?


To paraphrase a famous quotation, “A woman’s nails tells you more about her than anything else.” Picture a well put together woman, smartly dressed, designer bag, immaculate make up. Looking down past her watch to her huge engagement ring you wouldn’t expect to see chipped, peeling nail polish would you? And if you did would you then look closer at the designer bag to see if it was a fake?


Clearly certain nails go with certain types of people. Now I am not one to shy away from color, but the “look” I try to achieve on a daily basis is generally that I am a Parisian woman and own a Chanel bag.  Now, I am not and do not, but I do have the nails to go with this look: clean, neat, neutral colors and always immaculate!  Thankfully 10 years on if you haven’t had the chance to take off your old polish it can now be passed as a trend! 


As a beauty writer I feel I need to look the part, and it wouldn’t do well to show up to a meeting with lipstick on my teeth, so much dry shampoo in my hair that I look slightly grey in areas, or badly kept nails (no matter how hard I tried to pass it as a trend.) So my answer is to go naked, but highly maintained; clean, filed, shiny and healthy. What character goes with these nails? The girl that is in control, independent, plays outdoor sports… 


So let’s take a look at our nail horoscope, adding in a few other types:


1. Clean, neat nails in neutral, classic colors

This look would suggest you are reserved, elegant and cool (a Parisian in the making!)?

My pick: Deborah Lippmann Baby Love?


2. Chipped, peeling nails

If you sport this look, it might mean that you are a rebel and trendsetter who doesn’t play by the rules. ?


OPI Nail Lacquer - Big Apple Red3. Matching toes and fingers

Are you always matching?  Do you always paint your nails ten at a time? Matching means you are a little bit of a control freak (but a well put together one)!

Go matching, go classic: OPI offers some great options for this look.  Try one of my favorites, Big Apple Red?


4. Naked, maintained and well-kept nails

This timeless style shows that you are independent and classy.

Keep them trim with Ruby Crystal Nail Care Kit with Hydrating Hand Cream?


Nail Lacquer - Happy Birthday5. Bright colors, glitter polishes or accent nails

This bold look shows that you know how to have fun and are quite playful.

If I think glitter, I think Deborah Lippmann. One of my favorites, Happy Birthday always looks amazing worn under an equally bright color.


6. Finally, nail art.

These people are not only fun and creative (often the life of the party), but also sport an incredible attention to detail!


Do your nails show the real you? As I write this I am looking down at my naked, dry, slightly cracked nails with left over glitter from New Year’s stuck to my cuticles and highlighting the already underlined “get nails done” memo in my diary… what does that say about me?!



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