What Does Your Fragrance Say About You?

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Have you heard that everyone’s favorite Modern Family actress is launching her own scent? Sofia Vergara has developed a gorgeous fragrance all her own, capturing her personal preferences and the flowers of her native Colombia to be sold exclusively through HSN.


Sofia’s perfume is a juicy floral that genuinely represents her – especially with the addition of Rose and Orchid. What I love about the scent is that it is a perfect embodiment of Sofia herself. It has glamour and sophistication, but is still ultra wearable for everyday.


Celebrating Sofia’s exciting news got me thinking about what I might use if ever presented the opportunity to create my own signature perfume, and also about what being drawn to certain top notes and ingredients means about someone’s personality.


So, in the spirit of Sofia’s big launch, here are a few fun thoughts on what various types of fragrances say about the people who wear them.


1. Florals

Traditionally, we expect women’s fragrances to be flowery, and this style tends to be timeless.  Ladies drawn to rose, jasmine, gardenia, and lily are sophisticated and feminine. I find floral fragrance wearers to truly enjoy the art of being a girl. Florals are appreciated across the seasons and are appropriate for day or evening, so you might say that those drawn to a bouquet are practical, too.


2. Citrus

Are the fresh, clean fragrances of orange, lemon, and lime your thing?  I would say you’re extremely confident, but with an elegance, to be certain. Citrus embodies the spirit of summer and I love how these scents can be so energizing. I find their wearers to be laid back, low-key and fun-loving – a perfect match for citrus’ light clean, and subtle sexiness.


3. Fruity

Shop Sofia Vergara's New FragranceThese scents are bright and colorful, featuring frontrunners like green apple, watermelon, and black cherry. Fruit wearers are fun and flirtatious, often found in a printed frock and a bright, sunny smile. I know that fruity scents always put me in a happy mood – and I love the compliments that ensue whenever I wear them.


4. Spicy

Leather, sandalwood and amber are gorgeous and androgynous, finding their place in fragrances for both women and men. Ladies who love spicy scents are extra unique and tres cool, in my book. They prefer their fragrances with a masculine edge, and they wear them with a confidence that cannot be ignored.


5. Musk

Bold and sexy with a touch of wildness, I love stealing my man’s musk more than anything. When I wear his cologne, it feels like a secret that only I know and there’s something sweet and sensual about catching whiffs of his favorite men’s fragrance all night long. I would venture that girls who do the same have a hint of a risk taker in their veins.


Take these observations for what they are, but, do be sure to let me know if you think I’m right on the money or way off the mark!


Which fragrance personality are you? Let me know in the comments below!



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