What Bedding Style Matches Your Personality?

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Bed making can be intimidating. You see something pretty in a magazine but that’s a world of glossy perfect-ness far away from your own life of messy kids, limited time and indignant pets. And it’s not just the bed making that’s tricky, it’s also the decisions about which look you want.


So which look do you want? See, you’ve frozen… Here are some of my favorites:


The Chilled Look

It’s how you imagine a down-town New York loft to be, oozing casual. A simple linen duvet and plush linen pillows will do the trick. This style is for those who don’t want to spend more than one minute making their bed but still care enough and want to make it feel inviting. The linen bed sheets will only get softer with each wash and have a cool wrinkle to them that feels authentic and rustic. A flat sheet, duvet and four pillows are all you need to put this style of bed together.


The Luxury Hotel Look

Always seen in those travel magazines. Neat, precise, expensive. The look consists of a tucked coverlet and a folded duvet at the foot of the bed, to give a sense of opulence. A place where small children don’t climb into your bed in the middle of the night. Bordered sheets, serve as punctuation to a luxurious bed. And if you have a tall upholstered headboard, don’t forget to place your pillows vertically to break up the large surface area.


The High Low Look

If you aren’t up for the maintenance of the luxury hotel look but also think that a linen duvet is too relaxed for you than a simple coverlet with large euro pillows will be the best option. It’s easy to make your bed – there’s no tucking or folding involved but, at the same time, gives off a streamlined feel since the coverlet has no wrinkles or plush fillings. To add a bit of opulence, invest in a couple high quality down-like euro pillows with luxurious covers.


The Patterned Quilt Look

The quilt is the hero, the Ryan Gosling of the bed collection. All the attention is on the quilt. It becomes the focal point and is normally quite busy in its design. This means the rest of the styling is simple and symmetrical. The rest of the bedding will be of similar tones. And you might even place the pillows flat instead of vertical.


My problem is I love bedding. I love all bedding. And I love the different options, for different times of year, and for the different moods I might be in. Thankfully the bedding I design is at a comfortable price. It’s not a huge investment to update your room and to make it super inviting.


…The hard part is explaining to the dogs that they are not on the guest list.

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Which look describes your style?

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